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Whether its your bedroom or theirs, there are numerous safety precautions that must be taken in the bedroom.The Crib For the toddler, the crib should be checked and bars should be no more than 2 3/8 inches apart, railing should be at least 26 inches higher than the lowest level of the mattress support, the mattress should fit snugly into crib, all surfaces should be smooth, a bumper guard should be installed to protect infant from the hard railing. Make sure that all the screws, bolts and other hardware are in place a screwed tightly. Make sure that the crib is not placed near a hot radiator, cold draft, window or any electrical sockets. Do not use a pillow in the crib. Ensure that the drop-side of the crib can be securely latched in a raised position and can't be lowered by the toddler. Once your toddler is standing, remove any mobiles or dangling toys.Change Table If you have a change table ensure it is sturdy and the toddler can be strapped in while they are being changed. You should never turn your back on the baby while changing a diaper.Intercom System An intercom system is an excellent idea, but check on a regular basis that it is working properly. If it is a remote with batteries, check the batteries regularly.Bedroom Furniture Toddlers love to open and close drawers, and for some reason, the best bedroom furniture comes with drawers that could easily trap little fingers.Night Light Most parents use a night light in a toddler's room, make sure that yours cannot be removed from the socket without a screwdriver and is placed at a height your toddler cannot reach. The combination of light and color will easily attract your toddler to investigate.Door Lock Consider removing the lock from your toddler's bedroom door. They can accidentally get locked in and will stop them from locking you out when they get a little older.Family Pet Be careful if you have a family pet, you do not want your pet to enter the room where your baby is sleeping incase of smothering or scratching.General Safety In your room, ensure you do not have any dangling cords, for example on blinds or telephones. Check your electrical outlets carefully and make sure they are not overloaded. We all want a lamp, radio, an electric clock, a remote phone base and an answering machine in the bedroom, but they shouldn't all be plugged into the same socket. Make sure all the cords go to the back of the night stand. If you have bi-fold doors you can get brass bar catches that you can install where the door splits. The split looks very attractive barrier to them and banging these doors open will inevitably smashing a few fingers in the process as well. Non-permanent sliding plastic bars are also made to keep the doors from opening at the break. Unfortunately, this type of sliding bar mounts at the top of the door and can be inconvenient to use. Using a hook and eye to latch two double bi-fold doors together will keep them out but will not effectively keep each individual door from opening at the break and smashing a little finger. As in all rooms of your house, cover any electrical outlets.